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U2 Badfic Brigade
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This is a community dedicated to linking to, ranting about, mocking, MSTing, and generally griping about bad fanfiction about the band U2. A short bit of history:

Well, see, first there was this cosmic superatom, and then this enormous explosion of unimaginable energy--

Oh, wait. This'll take a while if we do it this way. Hang on.

Okay, yes. Anyway, after all of that happened eventually this thing called the internet appeared, and on it was this site called fanfiction.net. And on fanfiction.net was, obviously, fanfiction. A lot of it was about books, TV, movies, etc, but there was also a good amount of stuff about real people, including the Irish rock band U2, written by a small group of people, who, by and large, all knew each other and were friends.

Most of the work produced was decent enough. Some of it was truly wonderful.

But then, well, as the group got bigger there appeared... others. Others that weren't so decent. That definitely weren't wonderful. That couldn't even be called, by any stretch of the imagination, moderately bearable. And thus Badfic came and dwelt among us.

It is for those fics that this community was created. To give people a place to laugh and groan and jeer and generally make the pain go away.

Then one day we all woke up and there were no more stories about real people allowed in fanfiction.net. We cried and yelled and sent angry emails, but eventually (by which I mean several hours later) we all packed up our stuff and slogged on over to Livejournal. And so u2slash and u2fic were born.

These days this place is pretty quiet. Partly it's the nature of LJ; for some reason mocking doesn't seem to come so easy in such close proximety. For another some of us have moved on and don't pay much attention to the fandom anymore. For a long time it was because badfic was extremely rare.

But every so often... something rises to the surface. And then these hallowed halls live again.

Join us. Or don't. D00d, whatev.

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