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Hey there.

If this community has a moderator, I'm guessing it's me. So this is just a heads-up, as I think there have been a few issues about this in the past:

When posting in here from now on, FLOCK THE POSTS. I'm not going to go back and do all the older ones over, because a: the real meat of this place is so old that I don't see why it's necessary, and b: I'm lazy. But in the future, if any story on U2slash (or anywhere else) warrants a post here, flock it.

(and believe me, whenever I see a post here it brightens my day in a sick way, so please don't hesitate to make use of this space.)

This community, ideally, is not here to hurt feelings. It's also not here to provide helpful or constructive criticism. It's a place for the annoyed to spew bile. The end. There's no reason why it has to be anything else, and there's no reason for it to be out in the open where it might do harm.

Any issues/questions should be directed, uh, here.


-The Managment
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