ThE CoOkiE MonStEr (iwantcookies) wrote in wrath_of_tawg,
ThE CoOkiE MonStEr

a thousand apologies

Just to say: Sorry to the person whose artwork I insulted. I did not mean its ugly I just thought it does not look like bono. Maybe I put it a bit wrong. The rest of the art aint bad at all. I joined this community because I like having a laugh, and did not know it was so STRICTLY fic only. I tend to read books so my knowlegde of fanfic is not great ... blah blah. Let me stick to the point here. If it would make anyone feel any better, you can insult my "artwork" at the lj_art community. Your insults will be accepted with grace. I will leave a topic in my journal called 'Leave insults here' and you can get yours in. (Please form an orderly cue)once again: a thousand apologies
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