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agreeing to disagree, just like democracy

I would like to thank all of you for having taken part in an experiment of sorts.

Regarding Bono, my point is quite simple. [And of course, it’s simply my opinion.] Whether trading on the naïve and maudlin ultra-sincerity of the early U2 days, his mid-period attempts at "Rock Star" irony, or his current and long-running would-be combo platter persona, the guy simply paints in too broad of brush strokes. In my book, one simply should not attempt to act as some hybrid MLK-meets-Jim Morrison mythic/anti-mythic figure. Hell, at least Morrison knew when to break out the micro-brush for detailed paint work, and he was a fucking lush! Even Stipe knows when to dial his monolithic ego the fuck down. And irony? Bono likes to fancy himself some good will world ambassador, preaching about equality among people [all the while sporting the designer shades, natch], while he simultaneously revels in U2’s superstar corporate-rich lifestyle! Negativland took this on a dozen years ago and it barely made a dent in the U2 juggernaut, but at least The Edge was down-to-earth enough to address the issue. over the edge!

Again, this is obviously my own opinion. Therefore, I’ll leave it be. Thanks for your time. And, I hope you're all happy that I kept it linear &, oops, AND played by your grammatical rules this time. ;-)

But before I end, allow me to reference another post which sums it up a bit more succinctly: pure grease!
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